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How To Make Your Ex Jealous On Instagram


Whether you want to get your ex back or just want to make them regret losing you, here are my top tips to making your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend jealous on Instagram.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion and it beats logic every time. If your ex is jealous then they’re not going to be thinking about why they ended things.

Why is this?

A lot of people try to get their ex back through convincing them that they have changed and that there are logical reasons that you should be together.

In all my time in this field, I’ve never seen it work.

Love isn’t about logic, it’s about attraction. You need to start by rebuilding that attraction before you do anything else. And making them jealous is the first step.

If they think you’re desired and wanted by other people, if they think you’re having a great time without them, if they think that you’ve moved on, then they will feel insecure and begin chasing you.


So how do you make it happen?

Making your ex jealous is a subtle art. It’s all useless if they can tell that you’re doing it on purpose, it won’t work.

This is why social media is your best friend. Social media gives you the ability to influence your ex without directly contacting them.

Here’s How You Make Your Ex Jealous On Instagram

If you don’t post often, this breakup is your chance to change that. Don’t go crazy but if you’re able to post a new picture or tweet every day then you’re on the right track.

Improve your appearance

When we get into a relationship it’s pretty common to let ourselves go a little. We don’t always make the effort to look our best because we’re off the market and we’re loved. Well now’s the time to change that.


You need to make some changes and improvements to your appearance.

Get a new haircut. Buy some new clothes. Wash your damn face. It doesn’t take a lot.

You just have to show positive movement despite the breakup. When your ex sees you they’ll have that “who’s that” moment for a split second and that will get them off guard.

This new you can be whoever you want it to be. Maybe you’ve always wanted piercings or tattoos? Go crazy.

Plus, a new haircut is a great excuse to post a picture.

Be mysterious

It’s tempting to show off every aspect of your life on social media and to brag about all the fun you’re having when you’re trying to make your ex jealous.

But I’ve found my clients have more success when they keep things a little mysterious.

If you can make your ex wonder about you, their mind will run wild. This is more effective if they don’t know for sure what you’re doing or who you’re with.

This is a great way of influencing them without having to do anything at all.

With that in mind if you use mysterious captions and don’t be super obvious about who you’re with or what you’re doing, it will drive them crazy.

Take better selfies

Check this out.


These photos prove that you don’t have to be a bombshell to take flattering selfies. Your ex was attracted to you before.

All you need to do is post photos where you look slightly better than they remember and they’ll be missing that bod of yours.

Proper lighting is key. Ditch the dirty bathroom mirror. Get a friend to take the photo so you can get a better angle.

Take a bunch and pick the best one.

Practice makes perfect so start taking more selfies and you’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera. Remember, you don’t have to post them all.

An ideal selfie has a good background. If you’re nervous, it’s great to post a selfie at an event, with friends, or doing something fun.

Show don’t tell

Some of my clients take my advice very literally.

If you post “having lots of fun with my friends lately. #blessed” it can look weird and desperate especially if it’s out of character for you.

Whereas a photo of you at an outdoor barbecue with a drink in your hand surrounded by people having fun is going to work wonders.

Try new things

A breakup is a great chance to try new things.


It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and stop thinking about the breakup. But these new activities can work double duty.

Post photos of yourself trying new things. Maybe kayaking, rock climbing, travelling. It can be as simple as going to a new restaurant.

If your ex sees you levelling up your hobbies and your life without them they’re going to start thinking about you differently and worrying that you’re moving on.

Take photos with attractive people

If you’re serious about making your ex jealous, it can help to post pics with attractive people.

If they think you might have replaced them with a better model, they’re going to be kicking themselves and blowing up your phone before you know it.

If you can get a quick snap of you standing close to someone attractive with both of you smiling, you’re on the right track.

Just post the pic on your Instagram story without a caption and they’ll fear the worst.

Bonus points if they’re hotter than your ex!


Take breaks

If you post too much you may actually hurt your chances.

In effect, you’re weaning them off you by still providing them with updates on your life and giving them a chance to see you even if it’s not directly.

This is why you should randomly take a few days off here and there. Make them wonder where you are.


If you’re suddenly MIA they may think that your phone is off because you’re in bed with someone else.

Nine times out of ten it’s when you’ve been offline for a couple days that you get that message you’ve been waiting for.

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